Kendall Hailey April Dufoe. 21 years young, filled with wanderlust, curiosity, always asking questions. With a desire to learn and experience all she can, Dufoe chose to enter the PR path so she can impact the world. With the help of Public Relations, she can pursue her dreams in the professional world through having a range of professions that can come from the program.

I love movies, appreciate good food, and adore my great friends.

As an eighteen year old, straight out of high school, choosing the right college to attend was a huge decision in my life. With the help and support of my friends and family, I came to the decision of attending Canadore College in my home town. The fact that I lived in the city made it super convenient and saved me a lot of money.

On my first day of school I was quite nervous, but once I entered the classroom and met my kind professor and inviting classmates, I knew that there was nothing to be worried about. I couldn’t wait for the semester to begin.

First off, I wasn’t even sure what ‘public relations’ was. I knew it had to do with the public…and relating to them, but that was about it. Some of my classmates are university graduates with degrees and diplomas and know multiple languages; and then there is me. No idea what to do in my future, fresh out of high school with not too many special interests or skills. All I could think was how boring my life was. Thankfully though, after being in the program for a short while, a few classmates and I started realizing that everyone was new to what we were doing and that eased my mind. I knew that we were all learning and growing together, and everyone helped each other out.

Within the first year of the Public Relations program, I have already participated in many fun projects. We have built websites—which was one of my favourite tasks as I enjoy being creative (check out my website for our program http://canadorecollegepr.weebly.com/) and made radio ads, gone out into the public and communicated with our public and, as a class, have been evolving together.

Already, we have become social media savvy and have a Facebook page running for our program. Along with that, we have a Twitter account for our program and a hash tag, #weRpr, to keep our community and audience in the know on what we’re doing!

I have made so many good friends from my program that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am so glad that I chose to stay home and go to Canadore because if I had gone anywhere else, I may not have had this many great experiences; who knows what great things I could have missed out on!


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