North Bay Downtown – Nightlife

There are many forms of entertainment that bring people together, and make for long-lasting, fun memories. In North Bay there is a one-stop shop for entertainment of all forms; The Capitol Centre, which is in the very heart of downtown.

The Centre formally opened in 1929, and has been a focal point in the city ever since. The Capitol Centre is a place for everyone- families, children, adults, and teens- to have fun and enjoy entertainment of many different forms. Mainly known for hosting theatre art shows, the Centre is a very important part of the arts community within North Bay; not only does the Centre provide entertainment for all, it is helping our community grow and be successful.

Not only through performing arts is The Capitol Centre helping the community, but also through the various events that they host in some of the Centre’s many rooms. The community is brought together for corporate events, family events, art shows, and special event celebrations as the Centre has the capacity and capability of creating entertaining events for people from North Bay, and all over the region. This is a key factor in the success of the downtown area, providing services that can be used by a wide range of people for many purposes.

Along with playing a large role in the massive arts community within North Bay, The Capitol Centre is also a second run movie house. Every Sunday night, the Centre plays movies that are appropriate for people of all ages.  This helps families have fun together and spend time in the city’s core, as well as bring business and traffic to the downtown area.

In a city with so many different people, North Bay’s downtown has something to entertain everyone, and The Capitol Centre is the entertainment hub of the area.


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