North Bay Downtown – Arts Culture

North Bay is made up of a multi-facetted and multi-cultural community of individuals; meaning that there are many outlets for people to express themselves and tell stories through various areas of art.

In the downtowns core, there are numerous fine art galleries that allow local artists to show off their talents and bring enjoyment to the community; such as White Water Gallery and Art on Main which are known for hosting great local art events.  Hosting art events at the downtown galleries really brings business into all areas of downtown. When people go to appreciate local visual art, they will stop in for dinner beforehand and experience other aspects of the core. Not only do visual arts allow our talented artists to get themselves networking, it allows businesses to gain customers, bring new clients to the downtown area, and show people all the great things the city offers.

Along with visual arts, North Bay offers a wide range of dance and yoga studios in the downtown; like Feminicity dance studio and Vinyasa yoga studio. These add to the arts culture in the downtown because they are creating a sense of community and giving people a reason to keep returning to downtown, week after week. These studios play a big role in the arts culture because they allow people to express themselves in new ways, have fun, and go home to friends and family spreading the word about what the downtown has to offer anyone and everyone.

North Bay has a great sense of community and the vast amount of arts that are offered really brings everyone together in many ways. Being able to attract people of all walks of life into the downtown to experience the arts will bring business to the downtown as a whole, ensuring prosperity and growth.

Having such a broad spectrum of artistic expression and a strong arts culture in North Bay helps bring success into the downtown and the city as a whole. There is something for everyone, and this brings business of many forms into downtown.


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