North Bay Downtown – Food Sector

It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through food, right? Well, the heart of North Bay, Ontario, is the Northern epicenter for great eats and dining of all sorts.

Within our core, there are over 15 restaurants that offer a wide range of dining experiences. These establishments bring a lot of business into our downtown and they are crucial to the success of the community as a whole. The numerous eateries are attracting new people to the downtown area during the lunch hour and dinner time, some of the best hours of the day to see North Bay.

The number of food service businesses in our downtown out numbers any other form of business, meaning that we should really focus on highlighting the different dining experiences that North Bay offers. When tourists come to visit the city, or are just passing through, this can generate a lot of businesses for the downtown area. The use of advertisements and social media is imperative to get the word out there to people who are not from the area.

One of the longest running restaurants in the downtown that is doing this effectively is Cecil’s Eatery. Being established in 1898, this restaurant is a landmark in the city. Known for great food, and an impeccable selection of beers, Cecil’s brings a lot of business to the downtown area.  By partnering with local entertainment businesses, this business is giving customers a reason to return and utilize the other great aspects of our downtown.

The food service businesses are helping the downtown as a whole because when citizens enter the area, they will experience all that North Bay’s core has to offer. Not only are there great dining experiences available, but there are shops, boutiques, galleries and studios of all sorts. When people come for a great meal, they won’t only be leaving with a full stomach, they will be leaving with ideas of returning to downtown for more experiences that only Main Street can offer.


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