Gimme More Grimes


Grimes is the stage name of Claire Boucher, a strange young girl that has a strong passion for making music. Her work is a class of its own. With infusions of 80s sounds and eerie lyrics, it makes for an interesting musical experience when listening to her work.

Although young, she has already become very successful in her work, performing at many music festivals and playing small shows around North America. Her shows are known for being somewhat strange and not always running smoothly. Almost every show she has performed has had technical difficulty; because she does vocals, keyboard, and computer mixing by herself while performing on stage. She deserves credit for the great amount of effort she puts into her one-man performance, no matter how many mistakes she makes.

She is an under appreciate artist as she has many talents, yet is not recognized as a big artist in the main stream world. These days, great art is not often seen by the masses, having talent is not the key to success in our generation, and this is all Grimes has.

She is able to ignite this feeling within her listeners that allows them to get lost within the music. When listening to her songs, it’s as though the human body cannot stay still. Her tracks, especially ‘Oblivion’, act as a time machine; taking listeners back to the 80s through the lyrics and electronic sounds.

She is slowly rising in fame, becoming more known thanks to social media outlets like YouTube. Her fan base started as a small group of strongly passionate listeners, but she is being projected to fame over the internet, allowing for more people to fall in love with her music, her art.


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