Lana Del Fame

lana-del-rey-born-to-die-the-album-that-pop-killed-932960330Lana Del Rey, 26, was born in New York City and has lived in the Big Apple her whole life. She has fulfilled her dreams of becoming a famous recording artist. After many years struggling to break into the music world, she got her big debut when she got signed to the record label 5 Points Records and was shown to the world through her first hit song ‘Born To Die’.

She seemed to come out of nowhere, with catchy tunes and a voice that no other singer has. Her style of music is infused sounds of old school 70s jazz and modern dance beats that together, create the most authentically unique sounds. She has captivated millions of people, not only is her voice, but her aesthetic.

Although she has many devoted fans, many people criticize her because she has had plastic surgery to help her get famous. Formerly known as Lizzie Grant, Lana has altered everything about herself. She was a struggling artist for many years, and although she had some songs produced, her career was not going the way she wanted. So, she changed. She changed her name to Lana Del Rey, got plastic surgery done on her nose and lips, changed the colour of her hair and transformed her whole appearance and aesthetic into a retro 70s feel. The music she creates now is nothing like what it used to be, but it has brought her to stardom.

This poses a question: is this morally right?

Is it fair that she only became famous after altering her appearance and sound? Some say that she only produces tracks that people want, not what she wants. That she is only in it for the fame and money. This seems to be a trend in our society, young adults becoming famous from music that really doesn’t mean much to them. Many people have writers that compose their music for them, the singers are there merely to perform, be famous, and make money. Although Lana does write a portion of her songs, some of her most famous tracks, like ‘Video Games’, were written by a third party.

Most people would think this to be true about Lana, but she has made it very clear in interviews and behind the scenes of her shows, that she is committed to what she is doing and loves her music whole-heartedly.

She is a young woman with true talent and I believe that she deserves every success. She has come a long way to be the person and performer she is now. No matter what path she chose to get there, her music is amazing nonetheless.


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