The Girl With the Curls

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Angie Miller, 18-year-old contestant of this season’s American Idol, has the taken the show by storm. She has raised the bar for the other contestants with her amazing vocal abilities and contagious personality.

Since her inspiring performance of her original song “You Set Me Free” performed on the American Idol stage during Hollywood Week, she has been the front runner in the competition. In the past five seasons, all the winners have been males, but it looks promising that she might be the one to change the pattern.

Angie has captured the adoration of men and women. They see the incredible talent this young girl has. Not only are her fans adults, but teenage girls have started becoming one of her biggest fan bases. She is relatable for many people that are from small towns and have a sad back story; this is in her favour and will help her in win.

Before her Idol days, she was writing and singing her original songs and posting them on her YouTube account. She does covers of popular songs and puts her own twist on them while also doing her original tracks, which shows her musicianship on many levels. Not only can she sing, she is a talented writer. She is an artist.

Although she is just a young woman, she has all the qualities of a star.

She has the look. Although this may be superficial, the contest is about image as well as voice. Nicki Minaj, American Idol judge, has said that Angie “looked like a billion dollars,” and is “perfection on every level.” She is a young and energetic individual who always has a smile on her face, which makes her personality even more infectious to the audience.

She has the voice. Many viewers, and judges, have said that she has the best voice. “I think you can sing anything,” said judge Randy Jackson about her performance of “I Surrender”. “It’s an absolutely amazing performance. I loved every part of it.” Her unique tones and vocal abilities have taken the competition to a whole new level of talent, and her song choices have showcased all of her capabilities.

She has the fan base. Although the competition began a short while ago, Angie has a large following of people that are dedicated to voting for her and support her as she rides through the competition. Her YouTube videos have over 2.5 million views and she is becoming a household name because of Twitter.

Despite the negative light that this show receives, it has enabled many artists breakthrough in the music world. American Idol is sometimes made fun of on social media outlets as being one big joke, but the show has helped many talented individuals show the world what they are capable of nonetheless. Not personally being a fan of the show, I do appreciate what the show does for people and that I have found talented singers from watching the competition.

The competition is in her favor and hopefully it will stay that way. She is a young girl that has a long way to go in the music industry. With the help of many people believing in her, she may win the title of American Idol and fulfill her dream of becoming a well-known singer. I cannot wait to see what comes from her on the next episode.


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