Show of a Lifetime

passionpitOn Feb 16th, Matt and Kim and Passion Pit put on a show at The Kool Haus in Toronto. When Carley and I got there, the lineup was around the block. We arrived 20 minutes before the show and thought we would get a bad spot. The line started moving after what seemed like an eternity, and the excitement hit.

When it was our chance to enter the building, we pushed through the crowd of people waiting at coat check and went straight for the stage. Although we nearly died from over-heating, keeping our coats and bags with us is what allowed us to be front and centre during the show.

After an hour of waiting, the lights went down and the opening band, Matt and Kim, came on stage. They were amazing and so energetic. Everyone in the audience was singing along and dancing, while the band interacted with the crowd getting us as excited and into the music as they were. Their best song that night was “Now” because Matt and Kim were jumping around the stage, getting up on their chairs and truly enjoying themselves, this song have a strong beat drop and everyone in the audience could feel the heart and soul of Matt and Kim in the songs. Standing there, seeing the happiness the band gets from performing made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After they were done performing, Kim announced that it was tradition for her to walk over the crowd and ‘booty shake’ at the end of every show. So, the crew strapped her ankle into a brace (she broke her ankle the previous month) and she reached out into the crowd and walked over the hands of people. She stopped when she got to a good spot and shook her booty. It was hilarious and great to see her true personality.

It was inspiring to see two people love what they are doing.

There was a short break was in between Matt and Kim and the main act, Passion Pit, while the crew set the stage. We managed to sneak our way closer to the front of the crowd, almost at the very front. The band came on stage with a bang. They were so enthusiastic and made sure the crowd was involved by doing waves and getting us to sing along.

They played for about an hour, said thank you, and walked off the stage. But, they were not done yet. The crowd was screaming for them to come back out and play their biggest song “Sleepyhead”. They came back on stage jumping and running around, grabbing the fan’s hands. The song was a little disappointing live, not as good as we expected, but the show was amazing nonetheless. The majority of the songs were great live, however “Sleepyhead” has a lot of heavy beats infused throughout it. The sounds were not as prominent live as they are on records because they did not have equipment to auto-tune or adjust sounds.

I hope to see both of the bands again in the future.


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