HAIM For the Stars

IMG_2894They are not only the best people I have met in ages, but also have the best hair, the best pop tunes and definitely the best bass face!

— Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine on Haim


The all-girl band, Haim, has just entered the music industry and hit the world by storm with upbeat 80’s inspired indie rock songs and quickly won over the hearts of many people all over.

Out just this week, the upbeat remix to the Haim song “Send Me Down” has taken it to another level through the use of beats and electronic sounds infused into the original track. The songs from this all girl trio are usually indie rock and have a relaxed feeling, but this remix amps up the beat and give something extra. The devoted fans of Haim have really taken to this revamped version of their song. The band is using Facebook, Twitter to tell their fans all about who they really are; an all-girl band that supports girl power that has made a breakthrough in the music industry being one of few all-girl groups in this decade.

This California pop-band is made up of three sisters: Danielle, Alana, Este, and drummer Tim. For ten years, they toured with their parents, playing classic rock shows as “Rockinhaim” which is clearly an influence on their current music as we can hear through their songs an old school sound meshed with new school tones. For the last four years they’ve been writing their own material and really showing us that girl bands are just as good, maybe even better, than many famous bands throughout history and presently.

Their debut album “Forever” allows girls to feel a connection with the band through empowering beats and nostalgic tones infused in the songs to bring listeners back to a time when the most complicated thing in a teenager’s life was who they were crushing on. Any teenage or young 20’s girl needs to give Haim a listen because they speak to every genre out there. These girls are being requested by legendary musicians and producers to work with. They really are something special. Despite only being in their 20’s, the sisters have worked with music producer Mike Chapman, and toured with Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablancas. They are a modest trio though, not priding themselves too much on what they’ve accomplished. They stay true to themselves and their roots. Each sister has a unique personality that brings a different aspect to the group, and when combined, they all complement each other.

Over the years, they acquired a very unique sound by listening to music all their lives; they were inspired by the musical greats of the past. They were also influenced by their parents all through their younger years as their mother and father were in a classic rock band. They were always playing shows; perhaps this is what inspired the sisters to play in a band together. No matter what encouraged them to form into the Haim band, masses of fan, including myself, thank their influence for making them what they are today and touching the hearts of so many people. Can’t wait to see what the future will hold for them.

Being an all-girl band is something to be embraced by our generation because it is such a rarity. It’s all about solo singers producing dance songs and reality TV show winners taking charge of the music world, but these girls deserve and are very worthy of a spot on the top ten charts.


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